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A Boy Trapped in a Boy's Body

This is me. This picture shows a man. That man happens to be my father. The beach towel that my father is swinging around has a clump of human in it - and that clump in the towel is me. 

It's not just that this is a picture of me, but this picture represents me in a number of ways. I am being swung around at a high velocity. A game our family called "Rag-a-bags" and I loved it. REALLY loved it. Now, as an adult, I found my life is still constantly a game of being thrown and tossed around, but I tend to enjoy it as it happens - I even invite it at times. This blog is a way for me to take what's in my brain and deposit it all in one place. It's a way I can immortalize my thoughts, experiences, observations, travels, and the very very rare insight that I glean once in a while.

It all started when my spouse and I disrupted our very wonderful lives in the US and moved across the world to New Zealand. I was born a Yankee and have grown to become part Kiwi. That's how I became The Yankiwi.

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