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uNUSZual Foods

The title may need a little explaining so here it is: NZ + US = NUSZ. Let's call this a combination of NZ and US so it's something like...


Change is a constant. It's worth reflecting on the fact that change is everywhere and part of the world we live in, so I want to focus on...

Looking Through the LeNZ

Small Country = Small Things New Zealand is tiny. Not teeny-tiny like The Vatican, but, it's small. New Zealanders would call it "wee"....

Blowing in the Wind

They're Late, They're Late, For a Very Important Date During a recent walk through the city centre, LC and I had an epiphany. I'd say it...

Pie iNZa Sky

My Fellow People, I wish I could promise you great things. I wish I could promise you'll have a great time reading this, world peace is...

Workin It

It's been mentioned that we didn't settle for a little while (2 - 3) months. That also means I wasn't working during that time. I am not...

Clam Down

Kia Ora, We settled New Zealand. I mean settled as in found a place to live and rent, not as in we've colonised the country. This was...

Life in En Zed

Oi(!), I wanted to start this email by noting that my last blog post may have portrayed New Zealand and its inhabitants ... less than...

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